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Park Street Automotive – Where Service Honors the Golden Rule

Owner: Joseph Bollo

My business: Park Street Automotive Inc.

The story behind our business begins in 1995…
Park Street Automotive opened in May 1995. My wife, Ruth was born in Montclair and her early childhood was spent in Montclair. Both her parents were born and raised in Montclair so the family has a very long Montclair history. She has so many beautiful memories of the town and many of her relatives still live in Montclair. Montclair has always been a wonderful town and a wonderful place to have a business in. The community is vibrant, diverse, loving and caring. Between our personal attachment to Montclair and all the many reasons which make it a great town it was the perfect place to open our business.

Our unique offering is…
We have proudly built a solid reputation based on trust, honesty and “service honoring the golden rule.” We are a full-service automotive repair and service shop. We also do New Jersey state inspections and New Jersey state emissions repair.

Since graduating high school Joe has been an automotive mechanic. He first worked for his uncle and always dreamed of opening his own automotive repair shop. When the time was right we began looking for properties and when we found the beautiful property 18 Park St. we knew it was our time. It’s a labor of love for us, one we know will continue for many many more years to come.

A fun fact about Park Street Automotive is…
The family history to Montclair. One of our favorite stories is Ruth‘s dad at the very young age of 20 always took the bus in front of the YMCA. He would always look at the neon clock above the office front door to check the time on his watch. The clock still remains above our front door and we think of him every time we look at it. The bricks on the front of the building were in bad shape and being a new business we didn’t have the money to spend on a new brick face. So we made a template and lovingly sprayed each brick with brick colored spray paint. It has held up for over 25 years.

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