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JaiPure Yoga – Born from the Seed of Compassion and Community

Owner: Marcie Wallace & Loryn Riggiola

My business: JaiPure Yoga

The story behind our business is…
We opened in August 2013 in the center of Montclair on Bloomfield Ave. Montclair is a vibrant community, open to the Yogic Teachings as well as the asana. It was a natural fit. Here is our story: JaiPure Yoga was born from the seed of compassion and community. Its Founders envisioned a Center that welcomed all people to practice yoga and connect in a sacred space. We love the name “JaiPure ” for its vibration, strength, and intent to keep the spirit of yoga in our daily lives. JaiPure, as a name, represents a connection to the city of Jaipur located in India. Jaipur is painted pink to welcome all visitors, and is one of the cities of the sacred Golden Triangle. As such, it depicts and illustrates the connection and foundation that forms JPY. Our logo, carefully selected, is comprised of a triangle, star, and circle. The triangle or Triad represents the founders and the community. It is said that three is the formula for all creation, a symbol of self knowledge, and self perfection. Within the triangle is a nine pointed star, the symbol of light. Nine is a multiple of three and represents the number three or Triad being taken to the upmost or highest expression. Nine is the number of the horizon, the last digit before the decade. These symbols within the golden circle are meant to provide added strength, protection, and guidance. The colors of gold and red are symbolic of manifestation and are meant to symbolize our intentions.

Our unique offering is…
We offer many different types, levels, and styles of yoga: non hot and INFRARED heated flow classes all levels, Iyengar Yoga all levels, Yin Yoga, Basics, meditation, energetic healing, and Aerial Yoga (June 2022). We also offer Basic and Advanced Teacher Training which begins in the fall of every year. Unique to JaiPure is a salt room constructed with Himalayan salt. It holds four people in reclining chairs or 9-12 on meditation cushions. The pharmaceutical grade salt is circulated within the space using a salt generator. Salt kills a great deal of bacteria and expels negatively charged ion cells as well as trace minerals into the room such as potassium, magnesium, iodine, copper, calcium, sodium, iron and more. This can help to relieve some of the symptoms related to asthma, cystic fibrosis, allergies, sinusitis, snoring, bronchitis, sleep apnea, psoriasis, tonsillitis, smoker’s cough, wheezing and many other conditions. If there is fatigue in the body, salt therapy will help regenerate and purify the body both physically and energetically.

A fun fact about JaiPure Yoga is…
It’s all about community and spirit. Not just a place to go but to make connections and gather. Just one example: one of our teachers had advanced pancreatic cancer. Between the prayers, meals, science, teachings, chemo/radiation, and energetic healing, that teacher is now alive and well and a walking miracle.

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