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Get a Taste for Punk-Rock at East Side Mags Comic Book Store

Owner: Jeff Beck

My business: East Side Mags

The story behind our business is…
East Side Mags opened in June 2014 on South Fullerton and lasted 7.5 years before we decided to upgrade our space and move onto Bloomfield Ave proper in September 2021. Montclair was the clear choice as a location for ESM as it’s a diverse, fun, artistic area with lots excitement from live music to artist murals to street musicians, outdoor dining and more. Montclair was and is the place to be and it didn’t take long to figure out that all it REALLY was missing was an awesome punk-rock inspired comic book store!

At East Side Mags we uniquely offer…
A place to pick up amazing comics from the mainstream Marvel and DC Comics to slightly more off-the-beaten-path comics like Image and Dark Horse but also carries a wide variety of independently written, drawn and published comics from both local and national up-and-coming creators. The staff is quite knowledgeable and recommendations are the specialty – smashing stigmas about comics being “just super-heroes” and educating customers on titles that span way more than just alien beings that leap tall buildings in a single bound.

A fun fact about East Side Mags is…
The name “East Side Mags” is the name of a Bouncing Souls song. The Bouncing Souls are an amazing punk band from NJ and song is about hanging out with your friends and having fun!

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