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Moss & More

Passionately Connecting People & Plants
Visit our retail shop for endless plants, flowers, workshops and more!
Moss & More is the perfect destination for botanical enthusiasts. We have a wide selection of houseplants which are grouped by light requirement and merchandised amongst beautiful pot collections (Bergs, Kew, Pottery Pots, LBE Revival, Campo DeFiori). Some of the favorite plants include assorted sansevierias, peperomias, pileas, ferns, calatheas, dracaenas and more! We also feature a potting table where your selection can be potted on site and a stem bar for flowers (hosted by Studio Nectar). Our second location, The Studio, is located at 42 Upper Montclair Plaza and open by appointment or for events/workshops. Visit the “events” tab on our website to access the registration & schedule of workshops. We look forward to seeing you!

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